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Thankful When Autism Speaks, Connects and Feeds the Need

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As the month of thanksgiving comes to a close today, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank some very special organizations. First and foremost: for the tireless dedication they give to so many families and individuals living life with autism. The wealth of information, resources, support and collaboration they provide to assist us, myself included, on our journey. We are constantly looking for answers to our questions and information to guide our way. With their help we are able to do so. And on top of that, giving flight to a mother’s passion for sharing her experiences over the years in a new blog.

Imagine my surprise when they contacted me and wanted to feature my blog, Rain Mom. Giving me a platform to reach so many parents like myself and share what autism has taught me over the years. So with gratitude and thanks I would like to acknowledge each one for their contributions supporting autism in so many ways and for recognizing Rain Mom.

Autism Connect. Talk about connections– this global network supports numerous countries, including the US. Their goal is to reach millions of parents and provide as many resources as possible so they can build a better life for their children. Included on their website is a directory of professionals and organized services, resources, forums and blogs. When they contacted me asking to include Rain Mom on their blog forum, I was honored. To date, they have featured four of my blogs and have also expressed interest in further collaboration through appearances on their FB and Instagram Live. I am excited about the future prospects and possibilities as we work together inspiring and connecting with other families. You can learn more about Autism Connect here: 

Autism Speaks. I must say, when Autism Speaks, people listen and with good reason. Another powerhouse in the autism community, Autism Speaks offers so many options for families. From understanding autism to advice for the newly diagnosed, provider and parent resources, education and everything in between, including blogs. When they reached out to me and expressed interest in featuring Rain Mom on their blog page, I was shocked to say the least and thrilled to have another opportunity to speak to families on the autism journey. They have posted three so far and expressed interest in showcasing more, so I’m hoping our collaboration will continue to inform and encourage others along the way. More information about Autism Speaks can be found here: 

FeedSpot was unknown to me until I stumbled across them while researching. What I found was a one stop digest that one could customize to feed any interest.  Mine obviously is everything autism. So, I signed up for a daily email and each provides me with substantial information on a wide variety of autism subjects. Ironically, blogs as well. In fact, Feedspot was the first to highlight Rain Mom in their Top 40 Autism Parenting Blogs in July of this year. This link will take you to Feedspot where you can explore all the possibilities they have to offer on a wide variety of topics:

Lastly, I would like to thank Aleksander Blomquist from Blog Overview Inclusion, who just yesterday selected Rain Mom in his list of the Best Blogs of 2022. Not to mention, also putting me in the company of several well known and influential autism bloggers. And that wasn’t all! He went on to offer some very helpful suggestions to boost my presence and readership, something I greatly appreciate being a novice to the world of blogging. The link to his blog can be found here: 

Clearly, I have much to be thankful for this year and I’m forever grateful to those who have embraced my passion to help others by supporting Rain Mom. In doing so, they continue to uplift many they will never know, but whose lives will be forever touched, educated and inspired for the journey ahead.

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