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Welcome to
Rain Momm

An umbrella of collaboration, support and inspiration for the journey ahead

· Meet Kristi ·

My name is Kristi and I welcome you to Rain Momm!

I created this blog as a space to share my experiences raising a child (now an adult) with autism. My hope is that anyone with a neurodivergent child of any age will find this to be a space for collaboration, inspiration, and support. Autism has been a formidable teacher over the years, and I am a better person for the lessons learned and those I’ve shared along the way. Let's learn from each other.

I’ve categorized my posts to help define specific information of interest. They are as follows:

The beautiful and uplifting experiences

Challenging times and situations

Moments that tested my faith and strength

Support, strategies, and resources that have helped me along the way

Preparing for Jonathan’s future