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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

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“I would like to hear a more lustful cry” were the words voiced by the nurse right after I delivered my son. At the time I didn’t give them much consideration. Jonathan was by all outward appearances healthy and handsome. He made his debut on an Easter Sunday in April and little did I know at that time but the first drop of autism had just made its appearance. We wouldn’t be officially introduced until his third birthday. 

How often are we asked to recall every detail of our pregnancy, the birth and anything that was out of the ordinary? My pregnancy with Jonathan was textbook. I gained 26 pounds, my glucose levels were good, same with my blood pressure. I felt great most of the time, and experienced the same nausea in my first trimester that I had with his older sister. Sailed through my second and into my 3rd with no untoward events. By the time his due date arrived and then passed my doctor induced me as he did when my oldest decided to stay past her due date.

So on that Easter Sunday evening my husband and I checked into the hospital and waited for Simba to arrive. That was the nickname given to Jonathan by his aunt as his legacy was to carry on the family name. Little did we know at the time autism had other plans. While my husband and I welcomed our son with joy and happiness, a little cloud was starting to form.

It would be a few years before the words spoken by that nurse would echo a warning. They say to be forewarned is forearmed. I wasn’t familiar with autism and I had much to learn in order to help Jonathan. Autism had plans and designs for my son that I had never considered and we were about to get up close and personal.  I was not going to sit back and wait when I knew my son and my family needed me to take action. 

Jonathan was my sunshine on a cloudy day and I knew he was going to shine.

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