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Autism Awareness

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April is Autism Awareness month. With that in mind I’m aware of the many lessons and experiences I have learned as a parent of a child (now adult) with autism. Over the years my awareness has broadened even further in my role as a teacher. 

I am aware that every child on this broad spectrum is a unique, talented, loving and gifted individual with their own abilities, strengths, struggles and experiences. Each has lessons to teach, stories to tell and love to share along the way as long as we are receptive to them.

I am aware of the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, extended family, teachers, peers, therapists, doctors, nurses, school support staff, vocational support, specialists, state program coordinators and friends, all who are an integral part of that awareness and support. So many caring people are dedicated to our children, helping them fulfill their potential and be accepted in a world for their abilities, now and in the future.

I am aware this journey is different for each one of us and our loved ones yet we continue down the path with determination, love, hope and most of all, faith. Even during those trying times when we are running on empty.

I am aware that much has been done to help those with autism. However there is still much more to do, especially as the children of autism become adults.

Most of all I am aware now more than ever what unconditional love truly means from every aspect and some I had never even considered. If you are blessed to know someone with autism you no doubt have experienced this as well.

I am aware that it’s not just about a month, it’s a lifetime of love and lessons learned. But today I just wanted to send a little reminder. After all, April is Autism Awareness Month.

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